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Obtaining Finance can be a stressful process.

Our goal is to help you with your finances every step of the way and to ensure you meet your financial goals and needs. Whether you are a first home buyer, a property investor, or looking to complete a building project, SKF Finance is your partner of choice.

With 50+ lenders, we are a boutique mortgage broker that specialises in solving the complex when it comes to your finance requirements. Our strategies give us an advantage when it comes to securing and funding your property purchase, investment or construction project.

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Saving a deposit for your first home in order to get onto the property ladder is hard work.

We assist and educate you throughout the home buying process, from securing your finance through to settlement and follow-up once your loan is settled to make sure everything is progressing smoothly.

We recommend contacting us before you start your property search as we can help you understand your maximum borrowing capacity, how to structure your loan and how it fits in with your finances.

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Refinancing a home loan can be time consuming and so many Australians don’t bother and keep the same loan for most of their lives. If you haven't had a home loan health check within the last two years, it may be worthwhile reviewing your finances to ensure you have the best offer, this will help you to pay down your home loan sooner and be debt free.

There are benefits to refinancing, depending on your circumstances. We can assist with restructuring your finances in order to assist you in purchasing another property or help with an investment or personal project. Refinancing can sometimes help you access the equity within your home if there is a specific reason, have a chat today to find out more.

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Property investing is a viable means of wealth building in Australia. We help many property investors secure great homes at great rates.

We work closely with you to understand your goals and objectives to allow us to tailor the right strategy for you.

Having access to the amount of lenders on our panel will allow us to assist in funding your future investment projects that may not fit the mainstream lenders.

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Building or renovating your dream home can be exciting. The process (with the builders and lenders) overall is a long journey. Reach out to us when starting your journey of building a new house or engaging a builder. This will ensure you have the funds to complete your project and select the best lender for you.

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There is a common misconception that being self employed makes it harder to get a loan. It helps to know how to read through your financials, what income the lenders consider acceptable, what deductions can be made and in some cases how well your business has performed in recent times.

We are experienced with self-employed clients and will find the right lender for you. We'll assist with working together with your accountant and solicitor to ensure we provide you with a streamlined service.

Our Process

We want to ensure you are choosing the loan that is right for your circumstances. Throughout the entire process, we will keep you informed and you are more than welcome to contact us at any time.


Initial consultation

Book a short 15 to 20 minute call with us. We use this initial call to understand your situation and how we can help you. After the initial consultation, you will receive an email from us to summarise what was discussed as well as a list of documents you will be required for your finance application.


First appointment

The aim of the first appointment is to go through your goals and objectives in more detail whilst noting your personal circumstances in-depth to ensure we have all the correct information when making our recommendation. We want you to walk away with a greater understanding of your own personal circumstances and what options are available to you to help you meet your goals and objectives.

After your appointment, we’ll have requested all final information in order for us to prepare your credit proposal and application for finance.


Loan application preparation and submission

At the application preparation stage, we’ll have prepared your proposal and application ready to submit to the lenders. Our goal upon submission is loan pre-approval or approval. We will highlight any potential risks with the loan application.

After submission, we will keep you up to date with an expected date to when we will hear back from the lender.


Pre-approval and unconditional approval

Once we hear from the lenders, we will work with you on any items that lenders may raise. If you already have an existing executed contract, we will also work closely with you to ensure you get unconditional approval and settle on time.

We work closely with solicitors and keep all parties informed. We will also go through any loan contracts to ensure you understand what you are signing.


Loan contracts and offer

When your loan is formally approved, the lender will instruct their solicitors to prepare your loan offer which is either mailed or provided to you digitally. We understand the legislations are different in each state and requirements for each bank are different; so we’ll be able to talk you through your loan offer to simplify and bank jargon and ensure your loan offer is correct to what we have anticipated and prepare you for settlement.


Settlement and celebration!

Once your loan contracts have been executed and returned to the lender, we’ll navigate with your solicitor in preparation for settlement and ensure your settlement date is met on time. On the day of settlement, we will give you a call once it is completed, and then you can celebrate your new property purchase. We also look through the settlement statement to ensure the fees and charges are correct and will follow-up with you to ensure your loan is set-up correctly after settlement.

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