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Who is SKF Finance

SKF Finance is a boutique mortgage broker based in Sydney, Australia. We help Australians with home loans, commercial loans, self managed super fund loans and vehicle financing. Our strength is in loan strategy and loan structuring so that you always have options moving forward.

Our goal has always been to help Austalians with their major milestones in life. We believe that access to affordable credit, when used in a responsible way, can help Australians build wealth, financial security and overcome hurdles in life.

We seek to partner with Australians in their home buying or investing journey no matter what stage they are at and help our clients to review their existing finances whilst putting forth a roadmap to achieve future financial goals.

Our Founder - Sam Farha

SKF Finance is founded by Sam Farha. Sam has always loved to help those around him and is always happy to share knowledge with those around him. Combined with his thirst for knowledge in wealth building, Sam has spent over a decade across several prominent lenders, such as the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Macquarie Bank, Westpac, Bendigo & Adelaide Bank.

Sam decided that in order to really help people achieve their financial goals, becoming a mortgage broker was a great way to utilise his experience, whilst helping Australians achieve their financial goals and objectives. His time working in the banking sector has given Sam great insight into their processes, assessment criteria and offerings which give him a strong edge when it comes to loan strategy and structuring your loan correctly whilst planning for ‘what’s next’.

Our Values

Be Helpful Always

The SKF Finance team is helpful to all customers in all circumstances. Being helpful is not just a once off or only in the short term. SKF Finance seeks to provide thought leadership, opinions and recommendations that are for the client’s long term benefit.

Have Integrity Always

Integrity for SKF Finance means doing the right thing at all times. SKF Finance does not believe in or subscribe to maximising your borrowing capacity with high risk loans when we know it does not suit your circumstances. We will always choose integrity first as our goal is ultimately to be long term partners with you and build lifelong relationships.

Always be Honest

At SKF Finance, we will be honest and frank with you. If there is high risk in a loan, we will not dress it up and downplay it. If we think your goals are not viable for the immediate loan, we will tell you. We take a long term view of all our customers to ensure you appropriately looked after now and in the future.

SKF Finance Benefits

Our clients range from first home buyers entering the property market to sophisticated and wholesale investors purchasing commercial properties in complex structures or self managed super funds.
Mortgage brokers are paid a commission from the lenders at no added cost to your loan. Where applicable, we seek further pricing discounts than what is advertised to ensure you have the best deal. If you discharge the loan within 2 years of settlement, the lenders will recuperate the cost from us.

This incentivises us to place you in the right loan now, and to also ensure that your lending remains appropriate and competitive for you on an ongoing basis, so please reach out if there are any changes.
We have a reputation for delivering on the impossible which is why we get a lot of referrals. If you had a recently declined loan or a very tight settlement time frame, speak with us. SKF Finance can deliver.
We solve the complicated structures and loans. We have many unique strategies up our sleeve to help you with any complex loans. This is due to our deep knowledge of lenders. We also have access to private funding for larger commercial developments and if funding is required urgently or only for the short-term.
We don’t treat you as a number, we treat you as family. We want to make sure we really really get it right when it comes to recommending loans for you. We give updates every step of the way
You can pick up the phone, SMS or email us and we’ll work around your schedule. Our clients love this peace of mind as we are there at every step of the way through your major life milestones.
Working with SKF Finance also means access to our professional network (such as accountants, insurance brokers and lawyers). We only work with and refer clients to other professionals that can meet the same rigorous levels and quality of service that we provide.


Don’t just listen to us, listen to what our customers have to say about SKF Finance.

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